Old Favorite

At Least I Still Have My Teeth, 2006, 1.5 x 1.5 in., cut paper and x-ray

I just came across this old work, realizing that, this may have been my first true mixed media collage.  The stories behind my collages are usually kept behind the scenes unless asked about, but every time I look at this and others from the series I am reminded of my parents car accident.  Even though they had to remain still with injuries, for what seemed like forever I will always remember my Mom saying "At least I still have my teeth, if those were knocked out - that would have been really bad."  During what was a real life nightmare, she was still haunted by that familiar nightmare we all have had of our teeth falling out.  Shudder.
Don't ask me why I have several of my dental x-rays.  Sort of morbid I guess.  Surprise, surprise.